Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League

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All Star Game

On December 19th, 2017, the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League hosted its first ever All Star Game & Skills Competition event. All LTHL members were eligible to participate in the Skills Competition. It consisted of a series of events that allowed players to test their skills using shots and maneuvers that are beneficial in a real table hockey match. Throughout the night players competed in six different challenges which provided lots of fun, laughs and even some frustration. Games were played with time based and scoring objectives. Being the first ever Skills Competition there was a little trial and error with some of the challenges. Overall, it was a success and we look forward to the future of the Skills Competition and the excitement it can bring to the league as a special event.
Skills Competition Results

1) One-timer Contest
Shane Weaver: 0
Graham Carver: 1
Ben Hebb: 1
Gwennie Weaver: 4
Roger Heisler: 1
Craig Tanner: 1
Cody Nodding: 2

2) Obstacle Course Relay
Graham Carver: 1:35.40 seconds
Gwen Weaver: DNF
Ben Hebb: DNF
Craig Tanner: 58.8 seconds
Shane Weaver: 52.18 seconds
Roger Heisler: DNF
Cody Nodding: DNF

3) Around the Clock Challenge
Craig Tanner: 7.25 seconds
All other players: DNF

4) Goalie Passing Challenge
Ben Hebb: 1:00.15 seconds
Cody Nodding: DNF
Craig Tanner: 36.58 seconds
Gwen Weaver: 1:06.44 seconds
Roger Heisler: DNF
Graham Carver: 41.72 seconds
Shane Weaver: 30.35 seconds

5) The Shootout
Craig Tanner: 1 goal
All other players: 0

6) Defensive Puck Dump Contest
Graham Carver: 110 points
Craig Tanner: 105 points
Ben Hebb: 100 points
Shane Weaver: 25 points
Gwen Weaver: 25 points
Roger Heisler: 75 points
Cody Nodding: 250 points

Both Craig Tanner and Shane Weaver win two events. Gwennie Weaver and Cody Nodding both win one event.

The first ever All Star Game is a revolutionary concept for the league. The top four players in the league were chosen as All Stars based on the best win/loss records. Two teams would be formed based on the same seeding procedure as the Playoffs. Team A would consist of All Stars one and four. Team B would be formed with All Stars two and three. Both teams would compete in a best two out of three game series. A coin toss for each team would decide who would start the game. After the first period, both teams would alternate players. In the second game players would play the second player of the opposing team. A coin toss would decide which pair would start the second game. Overall, the All Star Game provided exciting and quality entertainment.
Team All Stars A: Craig Tanner (#1) & Ben Hebb (#4)
Team All Stars B: Shane Weaver (#2) & Cody Nodding (#3)

Game 1: All Stars A 1     All Stars B 3
1st Period: Ben Hebb 1     Shane Weaver 3
2nd Period: Craig Tanner 0     Cody Nodding 0

Game 2: All Stars A 3      All Stars B 5
1st Period: Ben Hebb 0    Cody Nodding 3
2nd Period: Craig Tanner 3    Shane Weaver 2

Team All Stars B (Shane Weaver & Cody Nodding) win the inaugural All Star Game 2-0