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King of the Hill Rule Book

The following are the official rules for the King of the Hill game. This game is a hybrid of basic table hockey and provides fast paced and exciting fun. Inspired by the Royal Rumble, King of the Hill pits players in a sudden death situation where they must run the gauntlet and eliminate as many players as possible. The last player standing will be crowned the King/Queen of the Hill.

The King of the Hill Rule Book was last updated on May 23rd, 2016.

1.1. A round must be played using all players in attendance, (1) scorekeeper and (1) referee. Referees may also assume scorekeeper duties if required.
1.2. All players must draw a number from the tumbler. This will determine player positioning for the game. The tumbler will be shook up before each player draws their number.
1.3. The players who draw numbers (1) and (2) will start the game.
1.4. Rules for in game play are to be enforced the same as regular season games. Refer to the regular season rule book. This goes for face-offs, game stoppage and forbidden behavior. There are a few minor exceptions:
a) There are no time limits.
b) The mercy rule is disregarded.
c) Players do not get the option for a sixty second time out.
d) There is no overtime play.
1.5. Players (1) and (2) begin with a puck drop at centre ice.

2.1. A player is eliminated from the game when a goal is scored in their net. When a player is eliminated they are replaced with the player who drew the next positioning number.
2.2. Play continues until the entire lineup has been eliminated and (1) player is remaining. The remaining player is crowned the King/Queen and wins the game.
2.3. Players receive (1) point for every player that they eliminate.
2.4. The player who wins the game receives (5) bonus points for becoming King/Queen on top of all elimination points earned.
2.5. The player who starts the game at number (1) and is able to eliminate all players to win the game will receive (10) bonus points on top of all elimination points earned.
2.6. The player who is able to eliminate the current King/Queen will receive (3) bonus points on top of all elimination points earned.
2.7. In a surprise twist, the player who becomes King/Queen must start the next week’s game at the number (1) position.

The league expects sportsmanlike conduct from all players. The main objective for the league is for all players to have fun in a friendly manner. Respect is to be given to all players, the venue and the game.

Thank you for your cooperation,

LTHL Management