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NOVEMBER 9, 2018
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NOVEMBER 9, 2018
The first month of the regular season concluded this week. The Chicago Black Hawks maintain their lead but it's the Toronto Maple Leafs who are closing in after a good performance in week four.

Maple Leafs Captain Shane Weaver is crowned the Player of the Week once again after scoring wins over Chicago's Kerry Emino 10-2 and Boston's Gwennie Weaver 9-1. Shane takes a big lead in the scoring race and helps place Toronto just one point behind the league leading Chicago Black Hawks. The Maple Leafs finish the week with a 3-1 record.

Chicago Black Hawks Captain Cody Nodding continues his dominance with two big victories over two top LTHL players. Cody managed to defeat Montreal Captain Graham Carver 4-2 and Toronto Captain Shane Weaver 5-1. Both Cody and Shane sit atop the race for the most wins in the regular season.

Boston Captain Ben Hebb returned after a one week absence. He went straight to work and fished out two big wins for the Bruins. Ben defeated Montreal's Roger Heisler 5-0 to score his first shutout of the season. He would also defeat Chicago's Kerry Emino 3-1 to finish the night undefeated and provide Boston with four much needed points.

In King of the Hill action, Roger Heisler would write history and win his first ever crown for King of the Hill. Roger managed to draw the final number of entry and it would pay off. He would score on Shane Weaver to end his hope of his first crown and claim his own. Roger sits with eight points in the standings and will kick things off next week at #1. Shane Weaver would rack up three eliminations to propel himself to second place on the leaderboard. Cody Nodding sits atop the standings with 27 points.

Week #5 is coming up and will the Maple Leafs jump to the top of the league? There's plenty of competition and only time will tell.
NOVEMBER 7, 2018
CBC Mainstreet will be featuring a story on the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League today shortly after 5 PM AST. Tune in on CBC Radio One 90.5 FM
NOVEMBER 5, 2018
It was quite the week in the LTHL. Plenty of shutouts and some high scoring affairs from the league's top players. The standings are tight as we roll on this season.

Shane Weaver earns the title of Player of the Week for week three. He scored a 5-0 shutout victory over Boston's Gwennie Weaver for his second of the season. He also scored a big win over Montreal's Graham Carver 10-5 to claim the top of the leaderboard for the scoring title. Shane's performance also puts the Leafs back in second place which is just one point in front of the Montreal Canadiens. The classic hockey rivalry is really heating up this season in the LTHL!

Montreal Captain Graham Carver scored two big wins including a 6-0 shutout over Gwennie Weaver. In what is possibly his biggest victory of the season thus far, he ends the season undefeated streak of Chicago Captain Cody Nodding with a 4-2 victory! While Montreal falls to third in standings, they are in striking distance of claiming the top spot in the standings.

Cody Nodding joins the shutout race with a 4-0 win over Shane Weaver. We've got three players battling for the top as the league leaders race heats up. All four categories are very close!

In King of the Hill action, Cody Nodding claimed his second consecutive crown of the season going through the entire lineup claiming 15 bonus points during his performance. He now sits with five consecutive eliminations, 25 points and earns top spot on the leaderboard. Graham Carver trails Cody by 16 points heading into week four. Can Cody make it a three-peat this Tuesday night? It's going to be a very interesting week as Roger Heisler, Ben Hebb and Kerry Emino are set to return after a one week absence.

OCTOBER 25, 2018
Week two seen exciting games and a big comeback for the Montreal Canadiens. Captain Graham Carver is on fire with back to back wins which earns him player of the week honors. 20 goals and six hat tricks made Graham the dominant player of the night. His teammate Roger Heisler also earned a win when he scored late in the second period to win a close one with LTHL newcomer Kerry Emino. Six points on the leaderboard for week two puts Montreal in second place.

Toronto's Shane Weaver scores the first shutout of the season when he defeated Montreal's Roger Heisler 8-0. Shane also tied with Chicago Captain Cody Nodding (4-4) in an intense match but would fall to Cody 4-1 in their third match in two weeks. Shane also lost a tough one to Boston Captain Ben Hebb 3-2 when Ben scored with just one second left on the clock to end the game! It appears to be the first time this has happened in league history. Toronto scored three points on the leaderboard but will fall to third place.

Boston's Ben Hebb won both of his games this week to give Boston a boost after a slow start last week: his buzzer beater on Shane Weaver and an 8-5 win over LTHL newcomer Kerry Emino. While Kerry lost both of his games in his debut, he showed to everyone that he's got game and will have a bright future in the league.

Commissioner Cody Nodding takes the crown for week two of King of the Hill. The previous King, Graham Carver, managed to score two more eliminations to retain the top spot on the leaderboard. Cody Nodding also scored back to back eliminations and sits at the #2 spot with seven points. Shane Weaver also managed to get back to back eliminations and trails the current King by just one point. Cody Nodding will start King of the Hill at the #1 spot next week. The action returns next Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. The standings are close!

OCTOBER 18, 2018
This past Tuesday marked the return of the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League for its fourth season. The first week seen some exciting games including some of the LTHL's best rivalries.

The Chicago Black Hawks pick up where they left off, except the team sees a facelift this year. LTHL Commissioner Cody Nodding has taken over as the captain of the Black Hawks for 2018 and he was off to a blazing hot start. He went undefeated picking up four wins for Chicago including defeats over league rival Shane Weaver (7-4) and Roger Heisler (4-1). Two of his four games were substitution games for his new teammate, Kerry Emino, who will be making his anticipated LTHL debut next week. Cody also scored the Player of the Week honor for week #1 scoring twelve goals and three hat tricks.

Toronto's Captain, Shane Weaver had a good night scoring two wins and a tie. He defeated Ben Hebb (5-2) and Graham Carver (7-4) but managed to only tie Carver later in the rematch (2-2). Toronto trails Chicago by three points and sits in second with five points. Another notable moment was when defending champion Roger Heisler managed to score a big overtime victory over Ben Hebb (5-4) to kick start his season.

In King of the Hill action, Graham Carver starts his season on a golden note with back to back eliminations over Roger Heisler and Ben Hebb to claim the first crown of the season. Roger Heisler also scored back to back eliminations over Shane and Gwennie Weaver. Graham Carver sits on top of the leaderboard with seven points.

The LTHL will be back next Tuesday at 6:30 PM with more exciting fun. The season might be young but there will be plenty of heart stopping moments on the journey to the LTHL Championship. Visit our Facebook page for photos from our season opener.

OCTOBER 16, 2018
Excitement is high as the 2018-2019 Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League season kicks off tonight! Chicago faces off with Toronto and Boston takes on Montreal in our opening matches. It's going to be a night to remember!

OCTOBER 13, 2018
This past Tuesday the LTHL held its annual awards ceremony to recognize the achievements of the 2017-2018 season. Toronto Maple Leafs' Shane Weaver walked away with two league leading awards for wins and hat tricks. The trophy for the All Star Game was revealed and awarded to Shane Weaver and Cody Nodding. Roger Heisler received a plaque for the Chicago Black Hawks winning top spot in the regular season. Gwennie Weaver made league histroy after being voted as the first sportswoman of the league. She is the first woman to win the Sportsmanship award which is voted on each season by all league members. Click here to see photos from the LTHL Awards on our official Facebook page.

The LTHL Draft for the 2018-2019 season followed the ceremony. Due to an uneven amount of players this year and schedule conflicts the format for the draw needed to be altered. Team Captains from last season did draw names and these will be the teams for the 2018-2019 season:

Montreal Canadiens: Captain Graham Carver and Roger Heisler
Boston Bruins: Captain Ben Hebb and Gwennie Weaver
Toronto Maple Leafs: Captain Shane Weaver and TBD
Chicago Black Hawks: Captain Cody Nodding and Kerry Emino

This Tuesday night the 2018-2019 season officially begins at 6:30 PM. Excitement is running high for what should be a memorable season. Stay tuned to for complete coverage of the upcoming season.

OCTOBER 6, 2018
This Tuesday night the teams will be formed for the 2018-2019 season. Teams will draw names based on their positioning from last season from low to high. If you would like to be drafted click here to contact us.

JULY 25, 2018
We are currently looking for sponsorship for the 2018-2019 season. If you are interested in helping the league we would like to hear from you! Click here for more on sponsorship opportunities with the LTHL.
JULY 25, 2018
Click here to get all of the details on the upcoming season with this 2018-2019 Season Press Release.

FEBRUARY 14, 2018
Congratulations to Craig Tanner and Roger Heisler of the Chicago Black Hawks on becoming the 2017-2018 LTHL Champions! Chicago defeats Toronto in game seven to claim its third consecutive championship.

Click here for complete coverage of the 2017-2018 LTHL Playoffs.

FEBRUARY 10, 2018
The first week of the LTHL Playoffs is in the books. In the opening round the Chicago Black Hawks took on the Montreal Canadiens. The Toronto Maple Leafs also faced off with the Boston Bruins. Both matches were contested under the best of seven games format.

Craig Tanner would once again pilot his team to victory defeating both Gwennie Weaver and Graham Carver to advance to the championship final. Chicago would win the best of seven series 4-1. Montreal's Gwennie Weaver would make league history by becoming the first female player to score a goal and win a game in the Playoffs.

After two failed attempts, Shane Weaver finally earned a spot in the championship final with a 4-1 victory over Ben Hebb and Cody Nodding of the Boston Bruins. Shane dropped the first game in overtime to Cody Nodding but would go on to win four straight games to book his ticket to the finals.

Chicago will meet Toronto for the LTHL Championship on Tuesday, February 13th. It's looking to be the most intense championship final in league history. Will Chicago make it a three-peat or will Toronto see their first championship in franchise history. You can follow along with the action with Playoff updates on our Facebook page this Tuesday night. It's going to be one for the ages.

Click here for complete statistics and results for the 2017-2018 Playoffs.

FEBRUARY 4, 2018
The opening round of the 2017-2018 Playoffs has been rescheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 6th at 6:30 PM. Weather permitting, the Championship round will take place on Tuesday, February 13th at 6:30 PM.

JANUARY 30, 2018
Due to today's snowfall, road conditions are still unsafe in certain areas. It has been decided that tonight's opening round of the Playoffs have been postponed. We value the safety of our players. More information to follow in the coming days regarding postponed date.
JANUARY 28, 2018
It was the final week of the regular season and everyone was prepared for one final fight. The LTHL Playoffs are on the horizon and the competition is intense. Here's the rundown for the finale of the 2017-2018 regular season.

The league leading Chicago Black Hawks went 3-1 for the night to close out the season. Craig Tanner picked up convincing wins over Ben Hebb and Graham Carver. Roger Heisler scored an overtime victory over Gwennie Weaver but fell to Shane Weaver in his second game. Craig Tanner's performance clinched him the scoring and hat trick titles for the year. He also clinched the shutouts title a few weeks prior.

The Toronto Maple Leafs had a dominant night with a 4-0 record. Shane picked up overtime victories over Boston's Ben Hebb and Cody Nodding. He also picked up victories over Graham Carver and Roger Heisler. Shane clinches the most wins title with 21 on the season. He will also be the co-winner of the hat trick title with Craig Tanner. This marks the first time Shane Weaver wins league leading titles in his LTHL career and it also marks the first time there will be co-winners of a league leading title.

Cody Nodding wins the final King of the Hill Crown of the season eliminating three in a row. This marks his fourth crown of the season and he will finish the season second place on the leaderboard. Craig Tanner wins the King of the Hill Championship after winning four consecutive crowns earlier in the season. This marks his second consecutive King of the Hill Championship.

The regular season may have finished but the road to the LTHL Championship isn't finished yet. This Tuesday night the 2017-2018 season Playoffs kick off with the league leading Chicago Black Hawks taking on the Montreal Canadiens. The Toronto Maple Leafs will face off with the Boston Bruins. It's two exciting best of seven series and the winners will meet in a clash for the LTHL Championship. It all begins this Tuesday night at 6:30 PM!
JANUARY 21, 2018
Week eleven of the regular season marks the penultimate week. Teams banded together to give one more shot before we head to the final week.

The Chicago Black Hawks managed to clinch the top spot for the regular season after winning four straight games. Chicago was without Roger Heisler this week so Craig Tanner guided the team to victory. Craig scored wins over Shane Weaver, Cody Nodding and Graham Carver to put the Black Hawks far enough ahead that they have clinched the regular season.

The captain of the Boston Bruins, Ben Hebb has been on a hot streak in the month of January. He currently rides a five game winning streak with wins over Shane Weaver, Graham Carver, Gwennie Weaver and Roger Heisler. His great performance has helped Boston go 8-2 in their last ten games played.

It was a less than stellar week for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Shane Weaver's off week included a 1-4 record with losses to Ben Hebb and Craig Tanner. Toronto has also dropped to third place in standings trailing the Boston Bruins by four points. Shane and Craig Tanner are both neck and neck in three categories for the league leaders. Craig leads the scoring title race by five goals. Shane is just one win up on Craig Tanner for the most wins. They are both tied for hat tricks this season too. It's come down to the final week and it's going to be a close race to decide these titles. Craig Tanner has clinched the Shutout title for the season. This marks his first ever Shutout title and he has now won all four of the league leading titles in three seasons.

In King of the Hill action the red hot Ben Hebb racked up four eliminations on route to his third crown of the season. He eliminated Graham Carver, Gwennie Weaver, Cody Nodding and Craig Tanner. He moves to second place in points for the season. Craig Tanner has clinched the King of the Hill title for the season. His four consecutive crowns gave him a big enough lead that nobody was able to catch him. Next week's King of the Hill will still be played with each player looking to win the final crown.

The final night of the regular season takes place this Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. Everyone will be looking to get a strong finish to the season as we get one step closer to the Playoffs.
JANUARY 13, 2018
Happy new year to everyone! The LTHL returns from the holiday break with an explosive week of table hockey action. Here's the rundown for week ten of the regular season.

It was a great week for both the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins. Both teams managed to earn six points in the season standings with three wins each. Shane Weaver picks up wins over Roger Heisler, Cody Nodding and Gwennie Weaver. He fell to Graham Carver late in the last period 3-2. Toronto trails the league leading Chicago Black Hawks by seven points.

Boston captain Ben Hebb went undefeated for the night scoring wins over Roger Heisler and Graham Carver. Heisler tied up their game late in the second period to take it to overtime but it was Ben Hebb with the final bullet to win the game 4-3. Cody Nodding fell to Shane Weaver 6-4 but redeemed himself with a huge win over Craig Tanner. After being down 2-0 after the first period, Cody would score five unanswered goals to win the game 5-2. Boston also trails Chicago by seven points in the standings.

In King of the Hill action, it would once again be the final number coming out on top. Congratulations to Graham Carver who drew #7 and entered the game to eliminate leader Craig Tanner to win his first ever crown. It appears that the player who draws the last number is making a big impact in this year's King of the Hill competition. Ben Hebb scored three bonus points when he eliminated the previous King, Cody Nodding.

The regular season is winding down with only two weeks remaining. Chicago's lead was cut down in week ten but Toronto and Boston still have lots of work to do if they want to keep up. The excitement continues next week at 6:30 PM depending on the weather. This has been another edition of the LTHL league news update.

DECEMBER 24, 2017
The Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The league is on holiday break but will return on January 9th, 2018 for week ten of the regular season. We would also like to thank everyone who has participated this season and we look forward to a spectacular 2018!

DECEMBER 23, 2017
The last event of 2017 for the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League was history making. The inaugural All Star Game & Skills Competition was a success providing fun entertainment and high quality table hockey action. The entire league participated in six events throughout the night for the Skills Competition.

Players faced off in the One-timer Competition where they had ten shots to score as many one-timers. The right win player was not allowed to cross the blue line when making passes. In the end it was Gwennie Weaver who won the contest by scoring four shots. In the second event it was Shane Weaver winning the Obstacle Course Relay with the fastest time. Craig Tanner won with the fastest time in the Around the Clock Challenge where you had to pass the puck around the board to all of your players without missing. Shane Weaver would get the fastest time in the Goalie Passing Challenge where the object was to pass the puck with your goalie to all five of your players. Craig Tanner won the Shootout Competition where each player got five shots on net against a human controlled goalie. In the final event it would be Cody Nodding winning the Defensive Puck Dump Contest with 250 points. The object was to dump the puck with your left defenceman behind the net and land on the scoring grid to earn points. It was a fun event and it was great to see everyone test their skills using maneuvers that are crucial in real table hockey matches.

In the main event the top four players in the league teamed up for the All Star Game. #1 All Star Craig Tanner and #4 Ben Hebb faced off against #2 Shane Weaver and #3 Cody Nodding in a best two out of three game series. A coin toss for each team determined the participants for the first period. Ben Hebb struck first blood on Shane Weaver but after the first period it was Shane ahead 3-1. In the second period, Cody Nodding was able to hold off Craig Tanner in a scoreless period as they took the series lead 1-0.

In game two, Cody Nodding and Ben Hebb faced off and Cody put his team in the lead 3-0 after the first period. In the second period, Craig Tanner mounted a comeback with three unanswered goals on Shane Weaver to make it 4-3 and raise the intensity. With only 28 seconds remaining, Shane was able to extend the lead by two with a pass to center which lead to Team All Stars B taking victory. Shane Weaver and Cody Nodding would become the first ever winners of the All Star Game with a 2-0 series win and create more history for the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League.

The LTHL would like to thank everyone that participated and helped out with the event. The league enters holiday break and will resume in the new year with week ten of the regular season on January 9th, 2018. Thank you for another great year!
DECEMBER 17, 2017
Week nine marks the end of the regular season in 2017. Everyone fought hard in the last night before the holiday break. It would be both Toronto and Chicago picking up three wins to end 2017 on a high note.

Chicago captain Craig Tanner picked up two wins which includes a 7-0 shutout over Cody Nodding and a 9-1 victory over Graham Carver. It was a dominant night for the league leader. His teammate Roger Heisler suffered a 7-6 loss to Shane Weaver but managed to win against Gwennie Weaver 5-3.

Toronto captain Shane Weaver made is return after missing last week's games. He defeated Ben Hebb 2-1, and Graham Carver 11-6. Toronto's perfect night would be derailed by Cody Nodding who defeated Shane 7-4. Shane had a great night despite last week's unfortunate forfeits. Toronto trails league leading Chicago by ten points in the standings.

The King of the Hill crown is being tossed around like a hot potato. Ben Hebb loses the crown after being eliminated by leader Craig Tanner. However, Cody Nodding would end the night wearing the crown after eliminating both Shane Weaver and Roger Heisler. This would mark Cody's third crown this season. King of the Hill will return in 2018 after the holiday break.

We are just mere days away from the first ever All Star Game and Skills Competition and the excitement is at an all time high. Players will compete in ten different competitions with the night ending with the inaugural All Star Game. Craig Tanner and Ben Hebb will team up to take on Shane Weaver and Cody Nodding in the best two out of three game series. The LTHL's best compete this Tuesday night and history will be made! The regular season will resume January 9th, 2018 with only three weeks remaining before the Playoffs.

DECEMBER 10, 2017
The Chicago Black Hawks scored eight points this week to extend their lead in the standings. Captain Craig Tanner also notched a shutout over Montreal's Gwennie Weaver and a 10-2 victory over Boston's Cody Nodding. Craig also takes a lead in the race for the league's scoring and hat trick titles. His teammate Roger Heisler was unavailable to play this week but will be making his return for week nine.

Unfortunately, the Toronto Maple Leafs were unable to ice a team this week and therefore were forced to forfeit all of the week's games. Due to this, only four games were played this week. Toronto's unfortunate situation deals them a major blow. The Leafs fall to third place in the standings and now trail the league leading Chicago Black Hawks by ten points. Toronto captain Shane Weaver also falls back in the scoring and hat trick title races. It's an unfortunate road bump considering the Leaf's were having their best season in league history. The Leafs will be looking to get back on track during week nine.

Ben Hebb was able to win his second crown of the season in King of the Hill after eliminating the season leader, Craig Tanner with a stunning goal. Ben looks to keep up the momentum when he will step into the #1 spot in week nine.

Only one week remains in 2017 until we head off to the first ever LTHL All Star Game. This event will conclude 2017. The players of the LTHL will take a holiday break and return in 2018 to finish off the regular season.

DECEMBER 3, 2017
Week seven seen more of the high quality competition of the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League. It would also be the night the Chicago Black Hawks reclaim the top spot in the league.

Chicago captain Craig Tanner notched in two victories which included a hard fought 4-3 overtime win over Boston's Cody Nodding and an 11-5 win over Montreal captain Graham Carver. Roger Heisler managed to score a win over Boston's Ben Hebb 4-3. Hebb managed to accidentally score on himself twice which would end up giving the lead to Heisler after leading the game 3-1. Chicago would earn six points for the night and claim the league lead.

Toronto captain Shane Weaver scored two huge victories which includes wins over Roger Heisler 10-4 and Gwennie Weaver 9-1. Toronto trails the lead by just two points. Shane continues to be the league leader in the scoring, wins and hat trick categories after week seven.

Graham Carver managed to end a ten game losing streak for the Canadiens with a 5-3 win over Shane Weaver. Ben Hebb recorded his first shutout of the season with a 6-0 win over Gwennie Weaver. Ben and Craig Tanner are the only players to record shutouts this season. Ben trails Craig by two in thew race for the shutout title.

In King of the Hill action, Cody Nodding won his second crown of the season when he scored on Shane Weaver when entering the game as the final participant. Shane got his first points of the season when he eliminated three straight competitors which included the season leading Craig Tanner. Craig Tanner earned bonus points when he eliminated reigning King Ben Hebb early on in the game. Craig still holds a major lead on the leaderboard after his four weeks of domination.

The eighth week of the season commences this Tuesday night at 6:30 PM. Only two league nights remain before we reach the inaugural All Star Game event on December 19th. The four players who qualify for the All Star Game will be announced after week eight.
NOVEMBER 26, 2017
This week marked the half way point of the 2017-2018 season and it proved to be the most explosive week of the season. Competition reached a season high with some big upsets. The landscape of the LTHL was definitely shook up during week six.

Cody Nodding of the Boston Bruins had a great week with two wins. He defeated Montreal's Graham Carver 7-3 and took down Toronto's Shane Weaver 8-5. Boston's Ben Hebb also scored a victory over Chicago's Roger Heisler 2-1. Boston earned six points for the week bringing them within three points of the top of the season standings.

The biggest story of the week involves Toronto's Shane Weaver. He put an end to Craig Tanner's winning streak this season with a 4-3 overtime win. It was an intense match that really put a spin on things for the season. Shane had an impressive week and his wins tie Toronto with Chicago in the standings for the league lead.

In King of the Hill action, Roger Heisler shocked the league when he put an end to Craig Tanner's four week reign with a slick goal from his right winger. Roger would then be scored on by Graham Carver after an accidental move with his goalie. In the final, Ben Hebb was able to eliminate Graham Carver to win his first crown of the season. Ben propels himself to third on the leaderboard.

It was a week that will not be forgotten by the members of the LTHL. It will be very exciting to see how things play out in the second half of the regular season. The competition has reached a fever pitch and it will be an all out battle all the way to the playoffs! The action continues this Tuesday night at 6:30
NOVEMBER 19, 2017
It was a very competitive week in the LTHL but it was a four win night from Craig Tanner that puts the Chicago Black Hawks back at the top of the league. While Chicago takes the lead there is only one point separating them from the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Craig Tanner filled in for the absent Roger Heisler and won four straight games for the Black Hawks this past Tuesday. Craig disposed of Shane Weaver in the first game 11-3. In the second game he barely escaped with the win after a 3-2 overtime win over Montreal's Graham Carver. In game three he edged out Cody Nodding with a 4-1 win. In his final game of the night he once again was taken to the limit with a 3-2 overtime win over Shane Weaver. Toronto got an important overtime loss point which keeps them just one point out of the lead.

Both Toronto and Boston finished the night with two wins each. Boston trails Toronto by just three points in the standings. The Montreal Canadiens are currently suffering a six game losing streak. Will their fortune change in week six?

Craig Tanner wins an impressive fourth straight King of the Hill crown. He has also strung together a 20 elimination streak and there looks to be no stop to his momentum. Will anyone step up and break the streak? The player who can eliminate Craig will earn four points on the leader board.

Week six will mark the half way point of the 2017-2018 season. Each team battles onward to the LTHL Playoffs and the competition is fierce!
NOVEMBER 11, 2017
The first month of the regular season is in the books and so far the competition has been fierce. Toronto hangs onto the lead by just two points while Chicago and Boston are in striking distance. The Boston Bruins managed to win three games this week to tie themselves with Chicago in the standings. Two months remain in the regular season and it's looking like it could possibly be a nail biter in the final weeks if things keep up.

Despite Ben Hebb being shutout by Craig Tanner in the opening game, Boston struck back with three consecutive wins to take six points for the night. Ben Hebb defeats Gwennie Weaver 4-1. Cody Nodding managed to rack up two huge wins and snap a two game losing streak. He defeated Shane Weaver 4-3 after trailing early. He also made a comeback and defeated Roger Heisler 8-7 after being down by two goals late. It was two exciting games and could possibly push Cody for Player of the Week.

Craig Tanner once again goes undefeated with an 8-0 shutout win over Ben Hebb. He also defeated Shane Weaver 5-4 in overtime in what was an edge of your seat experience. Roger Heisler dropped both of his games which included a heartbreaking 4-3 loss to Montreal's Graham Carver.

Shane Weaver piloted Toronto to five points for the night. Despite losing to Craig Tanner in overtime he was able to defeat Montreal's Gwennie Weaver 9-1 and Graham Carver 7-1.

Craig Tanner once again ran the gauntlet in King of the Hill. He increases his point total to 53 and elimination streak to 15 after week four. He will start out in the #1 position next week.
NOVEMBER 5, 2017
After week three the LTHL standings see a close race for the lead. The Chicago Black Hawks racked up three wins to push themselves closer to the league leading Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite winning only two games, an overtime loss to the Boston Bruins gave the Maple Leafs a point which sets them one point ahead of the Black Hawks.

Craig Tanner wins two more games to keep his undefeated streak alive. Roger Heisler went 1-1 in his return after missing week two. In just two weeks the Black Hawks have jumped up the standings and are looking to claim the number one spot.

Boston's Ben Hebb went 2-0 in his return. Cody Nodding went 0-2 but managed to secure a crucial point in an overtime loss to Toronto's Shane Weaver. Boston trails Chicago by just two points.

Craig Tanner went undefeated in King of the Hill to win back to back crowns and score big bonus points. He now has a sizeable lead on the leaderboard. The LTHL will return to its regular time on Tuesday, November 7th. It was announced that the first ever All Star Game and Skills Competition will take place on December 19th. It will be the last event of 2017 before heading to the holiday break.
OCTOBER 29, 2017
Week two of the 2017-2018 season seen the return of Chicago Black Hawks captain, Craig Tanner. Craig missed the first week but came back a man on a mission after the departure of his father, Doug Tanner, who left the league just prior to the start of the season.

Roger Heisler was unavailable to play so Craig had to play out all four of the team's games. He scored shutout victories over both Gwennie Weaver and Cody Nodding. He ended up going undefeated for the night and boosted Chicago to second place in the standings trailing Toronto by only two points.

Craig also won the crown in King of the Hill for week two. He scored three straight eliminations. With bonus points added, he vaulted to the top of the standings with 11 points for the night. Cody Nodding got one elimination and sits close by in second place on the leaderboard.

Shane Weaver nabbed two wins for the Maple Leafs which included the overtime win over Graham Carver of Montreal. Toronto earned four points for the night and maintain the lead in the regular season standings. Shane was also announced as the Tim Townsend Painting Player of the Week for week one! Cody Nodding managed to earn Boston five points for the night which included a overtime loss to Craig Tanner. The season standings contains a tight race for the lead.

Please take note that week three of the LTHL season has been moved one night to Wednesday, November 1st at 6:30 PM. Halloween costumes are encouraged! We'll also announce the Tim Townsend Painting Player of the Week for week two. We look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday for another exciting week of table hockey fun!
OCTOBER 21, 2017
The Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League kicked off its third season this past Tuesday. Four teams squared off at the round table and it was the Toronto Maple Leafs standing tall. Shane Weaver captained the Leafs to four straight wins to start off the season strong.

Montreal and Boston are tied at second in the standings. Montreal captain Graham Carver went undefeated defeating Boston's Cody Nodding twice with both games ending in overtime! Montreal's Gwennie Weaver made her LTHL debut and may have set a league record by scoring just four seconds into her first game! Ben Hebb scored a victory over Roger Heisler to give Boston two points on the board.

Chicago's Roger Heisler took over for the team and managed to get the team on the board with one victory over Gwennie Weaver. Next week, captain Craig Tanner will make his return for Chicago to defend the LTHL Championship.

LTHL Commissioner Cody Nodding rose to the top and claimed the crown for the first week of King of the Hill. King of the Hill starts its second season. Cody Nodding made back to back eliminations to stand at the top of the leaderboard. It was a great beginning to the 2017-2018 season.