Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League

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League Rules

The following are the official rules for the Lunenburg Tabletop Hockey League. Most table hockey leagues in Canada abide by the STIGA set of rules. The LTHL operates on a set of rules that are inspired from different leagues around North America.
The LTHL Rule Book was last updated on July 14th, 2016.
* New/updated rules.


1.1. A game must be played using at least (2) players, (1) scorekeeper and (1) referee.  Referees may also assume scorekeeper duties if required.
1.2. Games will consist of (2) five minute periods.

1.3. Both teams representing players must shake hands before the start of the game.
1.4. In the event that a team is not at the game and ready to play at game time, they forfeit the game and two points are awarded to the opposing team in the season standings.
1.5. (2) points are awarded to the winning team in the season standings. No points are awarded to the losing team.
1.6. Occasionally, player figures will rise from the playing surface during gameplay. When this occurs, players are allowed to push any such figures back down on the pegs only when in possession of the puck. (This rule applies mainly to the STIGA game boards)

2.1. Games will begin with a puck drop at center ice. The puck must drop from at least the height of the face-off player’s head. Both face-off players are not allowed to slash at the puck before it touches the ice. Premature motions will result in a new face-off.
2.2. The face-off players must be facing the side boards when going for the face-off. This prevents a high occurrence of shots going into the net directly from the face-off.
* 2.3. During a face-off the puck must be played off another player besides the center player in order to score a goal. Pucks shot into the net directly from the face-off are invalid.

2.4. In the event that a goal is scored, the puck is knocked out of play or any event that causes gameplay to stop, the clock must be stopped. The clock does not run during stoppage.
2.5. A face-off from center ice must occur in the event that a goal is scored, the puck is shot out of play, a player comes off its peg or the puck lands in a dead zone.
2.6. There are certain areas on the board called “dead zones”. These are areas on the ice where the puck cannot be reached by any player. If the puck comes to a stop in a dead zone and cannot be played the referee is to count to five and stop the clock. A face-off from center ice must then take place. (This rule mainly applies to the Eagle Toys game board)
2.7. If the puck stops in the goal crease or on the goal line and becomes unplayable, that player can call the word “freeze”. Once verified by the referee, this stops the clock and play will resume from center ice in a face-off.

3.1. In order for a goal to count it must cross the goal line. Pucks that go into the net and bounce out will count as a goal but the puck must entirely cross the goal line. Referees are to judge goals at their own discretion.
* 3.2. In the event that a team achieves a score differential of (8) goals over their opponent, the mercy rule will take effect and automatically end the game.
3.3. If a goal is scored while the entire game board moves, the goal is invalid.
3.4. If a player comes off its peg while a goal is scored, the goal is invalid.

4.1. Teams are allowed (1) sixty second time out per game. A time out can only be called during stoppage.
* 4.2. After each period has finished it is the scorekeepers’ duty to tally up the goals scored during that period in the box score section on the official game scoring sheet. The referee is to announce the current score before starting the next period.
* 4.3. Players can be granted a very brief break in between periods if absolutely necessary. The time of the break is to be enforced by the referee and kept brief as to not interfere with the scheduled games.

* 5.1. In the event that a game is tied after regulation, the game must continue in (1) two minute sudden death overtime period. If a game cannot be decided in that overtime period, the game will be ruled a draw and both teams are awarded (1) point toward their season standings.
* 5.2. (1) point is awarded to the losing team in an overtime period.

5.3. In playoff games, the game must continue in five minute sudden death periods until a goal is scored.

6.1. The LTHL encourages all players to have fun. With that said, absolutely any unsportsmanlike conduct is not tolerated. This includes verbal abuse, physical abuse of other players or equipment, distractions, blatant cheating, etc. Referees reserve the right to disqualify any player who they feel are breaking the rules in order to turn the game in their favor.
6.2. Rough playing that results in shaking of the game and causing the puck to move is forbidden.
6.3. Goals scored during an interruption do not count.
6.4. During play, players are not allowed to position their hands or arms near the ice in any way that can interfere with play. If a player’s hand or arm touches the moving puck during play, the referee is responsible for stopping the clock and resuming the game with a face-off at center ice.
6.5. “Passive play” is when a player has the puck in their possession but makes no attempt to score. Holding the puck longer than five seconds without making a move is forbidden. The referee is to warn a player when this occurs. Failure to comply will result in the opposing team’s center player gaining possession of the puck.
6.6. “Two handing” is when a player uses two hands to forcefully spin a player. This can cause damage to the underpinnings of player men whether gear or spring-driven. There is to be zero tolerance on two handing. This action can result in immediate suspension from the league.
6.7. “Jamming” is when a player in sudden, hard fashion slams, or jams a player into the end of the player slot. This action bends the rods and or cracks the player post. There is to be zero tolerance on jamming. This action can also result in immediate suspension from the league.

The league expects sportsmanlike conduct from all players. The main objective for the league is for all players to have fun in a friendly manner. Respect is to be given to all players, the venue and the game.

Thank you for your cooperation,

LTHL Management